Sunday, February 14, 2021

Neglect and Derelict in My Duties

I really have been neglecting my blog. Am working in earnest on my upcoming book: The Museum of Michael's Mind: Memoirs, Memories, and Meanderings. The book will be approximately 650 pages and at least in my opinion, the writing is pretty decent, and the concepts discussed important. 

The reason I write is partly for you to see my world, partly for you to recognize your world, and partly to help you imagine worlds you have never imagined! Hopefully, you will see some things with new eyes and new understandings. Expect to be amused, to be moved, and to shed a few tears along with issuing forth with a few laughs.

Here is one of the pages from the back of the book:

The Museum of Michael’s Mind:

Memoirs, Memories, & Meanderings

Here is another from the back cover:

“With soft humor and gentle wonder, Michael generously shares his reflections on compassion and connection. What he has learned will resonate in your heart and mind.” 

Patricia Anderson May 2010 EWW Conference.

• • •

Over 300 short writings including creative non-fiction, fiction, dreams, thoughts, experiences, memories, and more. Michael’s writing is easy, engaging, and at times eloquent. Figurative, fanciful, and at times funny. Meaningful, meandering, and at times moving. Detailed, descriptive, and at times deep.

• • •

“…the audience for which he wrote this book includes: (unabashedly) Michael himself, those who might have thought similar thoughts to his, those who have had similar experiences as he has had. It is for those who have wondered about things, those who have looked for answers, those who have supported a close one through living with Alzheimer’s, those who have grieved the death of a loved one and celebrated the birth of a new being. He hopes to let the reader know they are not alone in this frightening, overwhelming, impermanent, wonderful world.”

• • •

His author’s “voice” suggests that you get a cup of coffee and join him in a conversation about life. Since it is his voice, you will probably not be able to get much in but still, the experience should be an enjoyable one!

He made a baker’s dozen of my favorite chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. Another cup of coffee? Sure. And have another cookie. 

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