Friday, September 23, 2016


Hey all, the documentary ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story will be screening this Sunday at the Landmark Centruy Centre Cinema. By tickets at

I will be there and hope you can join us. Most likely there will be a Q&A after the group of shorts with filmmakers, including yours truly, from three of the films.


PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: ALZHEIMER's: A Love Story accepted by the Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival October 7-16, 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fresno Film Festival


Monday, September 19, 2016

Kitchen Counters

New hardwood floors are in and almost everything put back in its place. Will post photos soon.

Kitchen counters are emptied for tomorrow when they get some nicks repaired, cleaned, sealed, and polished.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

One of the Two Great Miracles

One of the two great miracles as well as one of the two great mysteries. I find these thoughts of mine personally significant as I approach the one year anniversary of Gregory's death.

Many trite, often stated wonderments come to mind while holding this beautiful little girl's hand and looking at her looking at me and her world.

What makes a baby? 

A sperm and a seed unite and create something that is so complex as to be deemed a mystery and a miracle! Each time that new embryo cell splits to create new cells, they know exactly what to do. 

They know what they will become: a fingernail, part of the heart, an eyelash, a brain, an eye. Amazing. (Sometimes those cells are confused and difficulties arise, but that is not part of this story, just the need to acknowledge it!)

Who is a baby? 

Where did that energy, that ability to become a thinking, feeling human being come from? What makes that energy separate from that of a plant, or a cat, or a rock. What makes that energy become what it will become?

With some predispositions and some loving care, that energy will flower into an amazing person. They grow up to become part of a family, a world in which they go about their business of being and contributing to the world of others,

What will that baby become?

Then at a certain point they begin to try to figure out what makes a person and what makes them who they are. They strike back, they fight back, they war their independence against their parents as they develop more and more into the person those cells are trying to help them to be.

What do they really believe when compared to what they were told when they didn't know better other than to believe what they heard? What is truth? What matters? What does not matter? 

Very complex self discussions must go on if you are to become an actualized person. Doesn't always happen as we know by looking around us at our world and the world of the others around us.

What can that baby give to others?

But for the most part, it all works. The cells develop into a fully healthy person with the potential to do anything they think they can. The person develops into a fully healthy person with the potential to add to the quality of life for others. 

And then it begins again for some who choose to bring another baby into the world. (This is how it works) 

Either way it continues for those with open eyes. They interact with the world who they are; the world they see through their eyes and mind; hopefully the true world around them ... and develop into fully beautiful miracles and mysteries. 

Over this process, many changes occur and a person lives their life. Many milestones and millstones are worn around the neck. Some weigh one down and others lift one up.

And eventually a life is lived, and celebrated, and then mourned. What makes that life? Which little part is the core of the miracle? Which little part is the core of that mystery? 

What lives on after the life and what really matters? More questions. Fewer answers?

Best Dramatic Short

ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story has been awarded BEST DRAMATIC SHORT by the Burbank International Film Festival 2016.

More Film Festival Announcements

Monday, September 12, 2016

Condo Hardwood Floors Phase III

Recently I posted some photos of before and after the packing up of my Bedroom and the TV/Guest Room in preparation for tearing up the carpeting and putting down hardwood floors. (Link to these photos below.)

Here is Phase III as the work begins.

Living Room Mess

Living Room and Entry Hall Mess

Entry Hall Mess

TV/Guest Room Mess

TV/Guest Room Closet Mess

Bedroom Mess

Bedroom Closet Mess

Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival

PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story will be part of the Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival! October 6 - 15, 2016

PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story will be part of the Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival! October 6 - 15, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Film Festival and Awards Listing

Please note that the festivals listed in "gray" have requested that we do not post on social media until a later date. Thank you.

Friday, September 9, 2016

La Casa Norte Groundbreaking Ceremony

Today marked the groundbreaking ceremony for "The Foundation Project" of the premier Chicago area not-for-profit, La Casa Norte, supporting youth confronting homelessness and their families.

This is the organization of which the More Than Ever Education Fund is part of as announced at its inaugural annual luncheon last May.

The old offices building and several buildings next door have been purchased by LCN, will be torn down, and a community center, offices, drop in center, medical and dental offices, and housing will take its place. (See photos that follow)

It was an honor to be part of the celebration, to have Gregory and me acknowledged by Sol in her general comments for our part in the educational work of the organization, and to celebrate the wonderful work done by so many to make this new center possible.
• • •

On arrival, the old office and next door buildings were decorated and cheerfully greeted the ceremony attendees.

Breakfast was served including bagels, scones, and various sweets.

Also served were cheeses, salamis, fruit ...

and orange juice, coffee, tea, and water.

Every guest received a "Foundation Project" T-Shirt.

The old office is second from the right. The newly purchased buildings are to the left.

Artist rendition of new center.

Artist model of new center.

Sound crew, photographers, film crews, and news stations prepare for Mayor Emanuel's arrival as the festivities are about to begin.

The area is secured, front and back, in anticipation of the Mayor's arrival.

On arrival, before Mayor Emanuel sat down he said hello to the aldermen present, several of the Mayor's office people in attendance, and then offered his hand to me with a shake. After the presentation, he thanked me for my role in the MTE EdFund. I was honored.

Usually ground breaking ceremonies use shovels, since there was nothing to shovel but instead several buildings to be town down, the ceremony included sledge hammers!

All the dignitaries received a hammer for the photo shoot.

Part of the wall was actually brought down!

Afterwards, the party retired to the offices of Alderman Morneo, further east on North Avenue, for a luncheon on the roof deck.

The temperature was comfortable, the view terrific, the food delicious, and the camaraderie noisy and celebratory.

The event was covered on the WGN, Channel 9 five o'clock news.

Cynthia, one of the youth for whom Casa Norte has been there with support, told her story. It was one of despair, difficult times, being "lost," but then filled with hope and love and determination to succeed, raise her two sons in a loving environment, and to be a role model to others who now walk in her shoes.

Sol Flores, Executive Director of La Casa Norte, in her always enthusiastic, dynamic way, crated an exciting, celebratory, fun event in which all could acknowledge their part in this exciting new era of LCN.

 Rahm was eloquent in his support of the work of La Casa Norte.

Even I had my "moment" of "fame" in the events of the day!

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