Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Closet Visitors

Today an unusual, first in a lifetime occurrence took place. Our Closet had visitors. Earlier this morning we received a call from Linda and George. They wanted to know if we were going to be home and could they come over to visit our Closet. Unthinkingly, I told them they were welcome and that their suggested "between 12:30 and 1:00" would be fine.

Never dawned on me to ask the Closet if it was available or if it even felt up to having visitors. Would the Closet be uncomfortable entertaining so soon after our huge July 4th party? At most parties, the Closet is a highlight for our guests. What would the Closet wear and what would it serve its guests?

Well, our Closet did quite well. I should have known because it is quite a confident, well organized closet. My worries were unfounded. The Closet is neat and everything in its place.The messy parts are behind closed Cabinet Doors so out of sight. The underwear and sox are neatly folded, piled, and resting prudishly in Drawers. Our junk Drawers are tightly closed and out of the way.

On the center, chest height shelves of the Closet Cabinets, our Family Alter lives with pictures, artifacts, and art pieces. The Double Hung Rods with their matching, white, plastic hangers supporting shirts and slacks are proportionately spaced. On my Rod the polo shirts are lined up by the color of the rainbow: ROY G. BIV with white, gray, and black following. 

So George and Linda spent about an hour visiting and talking about our Closet who was, as always, the gracious host. We talked about California Closets, Bed Bath and Beyond, and The Container Store. We talked about fixed shelving vs adjustable. The talked about expensive vs reasonable and when it comes to Closets, "How much is enough?" We talked about Closet Organization and about purchasing a system that allows for Closet Evolution. We talked about the possibility of electrical outlets (safety first of course) in the Closet for computer and telephone charging stations.

In the end, after their visit with our Closet, George and Linda left feeling better equipped to tackle the outfitting of their own Closets in their newly renovated Bedroom and Family/Guest Room. And once again, our Closet felt the furthest possible from being closeted, secret, covertprivateclandestineundergroundfurtive. It felt open, overt, public, free, released, useful, happy, and ready to travel.

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  1. Loved this. Question...Is a closet really just a microcosm of the inner workings of one's psyche? If so..I'm in for a long analysis. But I'm also inspired. Thanks!


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