Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Had an excellent meeting today with the 14 person management team of The Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier to discuss the installation of Michael's Museum during Spring of 2011. (MM@CCM)

CCM saw the potential and magic and joy in Michael’s Museum and in May of 2007 a mutual agreement was signed. A milk and cookie reception was held at the original Michael’s Museum with CCM people attending and seeing the magic in action for themselves.

At the beginning of June, five people from CCM took five days of eight hours each for the archival packing of the museum. That adds up to over 200 hours of work putting little things into little bags which in turn were put in little boxes and then into a big truck.

Finally, on July 7th, 2007 the museum was delivered to an environmentally controlled storage room of its own next door to the likes of collections from The Art Institute and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

In storage now for three years, the over 100 collections of tens of thousands of small things (don't just call them miniatures) that make up Michael’s Museum have been eagerly awaiting their future at The Chicago Children's Museum and the chance to see the light of day again. Looks like that day is almost here!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Children of All Ages. Step Right Up. Come visit Michael’s Museum. Experience the Magic. Experience the Joy. Be amused. Be amazed. Be astounded.

If you haven't visited the museum's site, you are in for a treat with stories and pictures: Michael's Museum. (Click on this link.)

This was my horoscope for today: 
AriesAries (3/21-4/19)
Your instincts steer you in the right direction today, because you don't hesitate or question your judgment. In fact, your trust in your intuition can lead you to some big wins right now, so get involved in competitions you find in any realm. Your skills and talents are honed to a winning edge.

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