Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curmudgeon or Youth?

curmudgeon |kərˈməjən|nouna bad-tempered or surly person. often associated with old age.
youth |yoōθ|nounthe state or quality of being young, esp. as associated with vigorfreshnessor immaturity
• • • • • 
Three experiences recently led me to realize that both can exist simultaneously.

1) Bubble Bath in the Fountain
The other night G and I were on our way out to dinner. Major joy, laughter, and fun had broken out at Fountain Square directly across from our condo. Some college kids had emptied a huge bottle of bubble bath into the pool of the three connecting fountains. The force of the water spouts, as you can imagine, was stirring up huge, six foot clumps of bubbles which the wind was picking up and distributing around the entire plaza. Young people were gamboling, frolicking, and swimming through the soap suds and having a wonderful time. My first reaction was, "Vandalism! Inappropriate! Immature!" My next reaction was: "What fun! How creative! What an idea!" I guess youth won.

2) Bicycles in the Parking Garage
As I entered the parking garage on my way home from grocery shopping, I noticed six young boys, early high school age at most, hanging out around the garage elevators. When I got to my tenth floor space I realized why they were hanging out in the elevator lobby. Did I mention they were on their bicycles? They had taken the elevators to the top of the garage (twelve floors) and by the time I next saw them, they were speedily, joyfully, laughingly racing down the ramps of the garage. My first reaction was: "Illegal! Dangerous! Disrespectful!" My next reaction was: "Wow! How fun! How creative! What an idea!" I guess youth won again.

3) Cracking One's Knuckles
As I was sitting here typing this blog, I cracked my knuckles as I am used to doing. All ten fingers went at the same time to a very loud "CRACK!" My first reaction was: "Well I didn't break anything!" My next reaction was to giggle.

Hopefully youth will continue to win out.


  1. "Hopefully youth will continue to win out." I raise my glass to that sentiment! You have clearly demonstrated the last line of Lamott's words quoted in the post above. You rock!

  2. JY,
    Thanks and thank to you for the loan of the Lamott book. Am enjoying it as you can see.


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