Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Ways of Seeing

Thanks to my friend Jan for the motivation for this piece. Her Blog on Liu Bolin caused me to become sad, pensive, overwhelmed.

I am ALWAYS in awe of someone who can look at life, through their art, in a way that no one else has until that moment. To create new ways of seeing. It was there all along, s/he saw it, and now I can see it too.

I am always in awe of someone who can follow their vision, their passion and who dedicates their life to those beliefs.

Experiencing an artist's ability to cause me to see life differently makes me feel like my creativity is only a rehash of what is, not a view of what might be, could be, or should be. I yearn to live my life artistically and by doing so to bring joy and understanding to others. I'll keep trying. Why do I feel like I will never be that "Best Little Boy?"

My friend Jan causes these same emotions in me. I love her and am an avid fan of hers because: 1) She is good. 2) She is inventive. 3) She is one of a kind. 4) She is intense. 5) She doesn’t know how to settle for the ordinary. 6) I love her.

• • • • •

You can visit her blog at: Jan's Blog

The specific blog I am referring to here is at: Liu Bolin

More art by Liu Bolin can be seen here: Eli Klein Fine Art


  1. Michael- You are an amazing and inspiring person. Your joie de vivre and wit, your creativity and imagination continually inspire me. You are an incredible writer and your words are heartfelt and genuine. I have learned so much from you. You are always pushing the limits stretching for something greater, stronger, more powerfully compelling. From Maybe the Clown to your miniature museum, gifted education to your stories and memoir, bartending at Jerome's to creating your boxes, you have always been about making meaning with integrity, vision, and generosity of spirit. The doubts about our capabilities are what fuel our work and keep us pushing. I could list the same 6 things about you. If we ever believe we have become the "best" the journey is over. I think we're both pretty cheered by the fact that it's not. I love you very much.

  2. Jan,
    Yes, I am cheered and cherish our friendship. Love is what is all about in the end.


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