Monday, October 18, 2010


Very exciting having been interviewed by WBEZ Public Radio about being a Supernumerary (acting extra) at The Lyric Opera of Chicago. I began my supering career in the 1998/99 season, over ten years ago, and have been in 21 operas last count. The interview took place at the opera house during rehearsals for Carmen.

Musical theater has always been a love of mine. Opera is a recent love of approximately the last ten years. My approach to music is that “Life is meant to be sung” and opera certainly fits that bill.

Several years ago I retired after 30 years as an educator. What better way to use my new found free time then to be involved with the Opera, both on stage (as a supernumerary) and behind the scenes (light walking, rehearsing, or watching a scene from the side.) 

Being a supernumerary has enabled me to pursue a career in music and acting at this time in my life without the intense training and early commitment that actors and singers must make to be successful in theater and opera.

The people at the Lyric are wonderful to work with. I feel that I am an important part of the company. As a supernumerary, I am entitled to attend all of the season’s dress rehearsals and the end of season party. 

While supernumerary roles may be small compared to the role of the chorus or principals of an opera, I am part of the big magic created by the Lyric Opera of Chicago at each performance for the approximately 3,600 people in the audience.

Click here to listen to the Radio Interview.

Act I - Gypsy Street Person
Act II - Waiter at the Tavern of Lillas Pastia
Act III - Micaela's Guide to the Gypsy Hideout

ACT IV - The Aguacil, Govenor of Seville

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