Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fire, Fire, Fire!

Was in the middle of reading an e-mail when our emergency alert system announced that we needed to evacuate the building. Helped Gregory get himself together, shoved the cat in her carry box, threw on my coat and filled my pockets.

Loud horn wailing, pulsing. Lights flashing. Recorded voice announcing. Wailing, pulsing, announcing. Urgent.

Felt the door for heat, opened it carefully, proceeded to the escape stairwell across from our unit. Checked there for smoke. Walked down four floors, out of the building into the street and around the block to the condo entrance. 

Within less than a minute of the alarm the fire department arrived. Firemen running into the command center of the building to determine what the problem was and what further action be taken. By now the alert stopped ringing and we reentered the building.

The alarm was prompted by a problem in the mechanical room. A water leak was from coming from the building humidifier (which was just turned on with the heat yesterday) and easily taken care of. 

Back now and cat freed from her carry box. I am always amazed that here in our condo of 250 units on 25 floors, I can feel safe and protected. The system works. And if it didn't we live one floor above the roof top garden and I have a folding escape stair under the kitchen sink that would easily allow us to escape over the balcony and to freedom.

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