Friday, November 26, 2010


"Do you know why you were pulled over, mam?
"No officer, I do not.
"My name is Officer Jag-off. You failed to activate your turn signal when you turned left back at Route 12. May I see your driver's license and automobile registration. Stay in the car. If you need me, signal with your arm out the window. I wouldn't want you getting hurt by a passing car.

A short while later Officer Jag-off returns to the car.

"Here is your ticket. It notes 'failure to use turn signal.' You can (pointing to the various parts of the ticket) pay on line, pay in this envelope which I am required to give you, or protest by calling this number. Here is the rest of your information. I'll turn my spotlight off so you can pull out without being blinded.

"Merry Christmas Officer Jag-off.

Luckily it wasn't me that went through this scenario but you would think that the police have better things to do than pull someone over for such a minor infraction especially when there were no other cars around and when is is possible that the turn signal was used but after all that adrenalin, red and blue lights flashing, spot light blinding, who can remember?

Why not a warning if he needed to feel powerful? Make the person cringe, plead, shake. Then offer a warning. He could still pretend that he was powerful and had a big dick! The cause and effect relationship is not balanced: a ticket for $100, a mark on your record, an increase in your insurance not to mention the emotional stress for possibly forgetting to turn on your turn signal!

Jag-off! Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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