Monday, December 20, 2010

The Stories People Tell

People tell stories. They tell them to family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and sometimes to strangers they meet in the elevator or while standing in line at the checkout. Usually a person has a repertoire of stories that they tell to various people depending on the who, when, why, and where of the situation.

These stories get told over and over either because people are asked, are interesting, or because they are full of themselves. Eventually some stories get retired and new ones take their place. Actually I have known some people who retell the same stories over and over (I listen patiently) and never replace them.

I have discovered a new tendency in myself. Yes, I have my stories. Yes, I think most of them are interesting. No, I do not think I repeat them to the same person. But the new development is that I have been writing a number of my stories on my: "michael a horvich writes," "michael a horvich cares about people who care about alzheimer's," "michael a horvich photographs" and "michael's museum,"BLOGS.

I find myself telling a story and saying things like: "You may have read about this on my BLOG." "You can go to my BLOG and read about this." "Why don't you read my BLOG for a more detailed description."

Perhaps one day I will find myself saying: "You've heard the story, you've read the book, and now you can see the soon to be released movie." 
Stay tuned for the TV series:-)

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