Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Three Kings, The Sequel

This is a fitting end to the story "We Three Kings" that appeared previously in this BLOG. I have included a link at the end of this follow up that will take you back to the beginning of the story.

Yesterday, while on my home from a Michael's Museum meeting at The Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier, I took my usual route which took me up Sheridan Road past Loyola University. There I witnessed a miracle. I have learned much from the university's Nativity Scene over the last several years as explained in my previous post..

The miracle is that there was a new lesson this year. As I passed the Nativity, the baby was in Mary's arms (as he should be after Christmas Eve) and the Three Kings, who had started their journey when they saw a star in the sky several days earlier, had arrived to present their gifts to the baby Jesus. So far so good.

But this is the miracle. The Three Kings, who had traveled a block or so on the backs of three camels to get the the Nativity, not only had arrived, but for the first time I witnessed something I had not seen before. The camels were tethered outside the shed and the three kings were in the shed on their knees before the baby.

I've been watching this Nativity progress for three years now. I wonder what I will notice next year.

We Three Kings: Part I

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