Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ragdale Revisited: Day Twelve

Spent the day doing some more editing and printing. Drove into Evanston for a massage having strained a muscle from all my coughing. Nice lunch. More photography at the Ragdale House and more organizing pictures. For dinner: Baked salmon, mashed potato swirls, mixed vegetables, salad. Dessert chocolate dipped biscotti in butterscotch pudding.

Before dinner visited Michelle and Mary’s studios for their presentation. After dinner over to the Ragdale House, a fireplace, a glass of wine and Stevie, Brooke, and Kat’s readings. Very stimulating, interesting, in awe!

Back to the room, worked on pictures, finished packing, showered. Finally by 2:00 sat down to make my entry in the “Blue Book.” I remember when I was at Ragdale visiting while Gregory was consulting I poked into several of the rooms (as well as Alice’s Log Cabin,) couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have that experience of staying there, and read several entries in the Blue Book. Now here I am sitting here writing my own entry! Very emotional with tears, thank you. I entered by hand my “Wolf Moon” poem as a thank you for my experiences. To bed by 2:30 and still WIDE AWAKE!

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