Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day


Hors d’oeuvres

Parmesan Encrusted Frog Thighs
with Crispy Dutch Elm Bark
Tamarind Glazed Sweetbread Satay
with Spicy Mustard Gelée
Chickpea & Sugarbeet Fritter on a
Sugar Cane Skewer with Hazelnut Hummus
Roasted Goat Belly Pancakes
with Freeze Dried Sheep’s Milk Confetti
Mini Oxtail Slider with Pickled Ramps
and Beer Bacon Compost

First Course

Spring Galette of Azur Sauerkraut,
Candied Rutabaga and Pernod Marinated
Dried Plum-Bergamot Puree
Lightly Dressed Swiss Chard Stems
with Crunchy Eggshell Bits and Shaved Sea Bean Tendrils
garnished with a Bloomin’ Onion
Black Bean and Mango Slaw
with Chipotle Infused Catfish Mousse
Hand made Heat Sealed Pockets
with Celery Root Ragout and Ponzu Foam


Open Fire Roasted Baby Backyard Chicken
with Squish Squash Puree
Gulf Coast Lutefish in Ale Broth
served with Marrow Beans, Thrice Baked Potato
and Clarified Tobacco Juice
Ragout of Braised Tortoise Tongue
With Asparagus Sous Vide in a Garlic Wine Confit
Seafood Stack of Sautéed Bone in Halibut
and Haunch of Salamander
in a Banana Miso Flambé with Fried Pistachios


White Pepper-Cannabis Sorbet and Stollen Bread Pudding
Deep Fried Elderflower Vine on Vanilla Tequila Butter Cake Balls
Maple Fat Donuts Dusted with Fool’s Gold


Black Truffle Float
Roof Garden Smasher
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