Sunday, June 5, 2011

Evanston Writer's Workshop

Wow. This weekend was spent at a conference sponsored by the Evanston Writer's Workshop. It was their second annual writer's conference and it was a hit! I came away feeling renewed, I learned new things to help me with my craft, and was able to reconfirm myself as a writer.

Deb and Amanda organized the conference accounting for every detail, provided a comfortable setting in the form of the Winnetka Community House, found amazing people to share their knowledge of the craft and art of writing, fed us well, and were generous with the "freebies" including a tote bag, book, journal, etc.

It was good seeing the people I knew from attending the Workshop sessions during the year as well as making new writer friends. It was the year anniversary since I met my new friend Pat and it was great sharing the experience with her.

The presenters were so supportive. Cherry Adiar, New York Times Best Seller romantic suspense writer, adopted me and I her. She opened for me a new challenge of "plotting," the possibility of writing fiction and helped me see how I could achieve academic and business "left brain" activities in a creative "right brain" kind of way. She made us all feel that we could be successful and accomplish whatever we put out minds to.

Several publishers, including Tera, Dawn, and Kelly listened to a "pitch" (brief explanation) of my current work and were very supportive, offering concrete suggestions and reinforcing the importance of the writing I am doing on love, hope, and Alzheimer's Disease.

After a hiatus from writing because of the work of getting Michael's Museum up and running, I am excited to be back to working on my writing and continuing my efforts at getting my manuscript published.

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  1. Wow. The workshop sounds wonderful. I can't wait to hear more about it. Or rather, I can't wait to read new pieces based on how you were inspired by this workshop.


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