Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today, top down in the convertible, Gregory and I wore our new baseball hats from the Botanic Garden. I found myself playing with emphasis on various words and how that affects meaning. Follow this,

I like our new hats.
Many meanings?

I like our new hats.
I like them but Gregory does not and I don't care that you do not like them because I do.

I LIKE our new hats.
The new hats are really nice and I like them a lot. I have other new hats but do not like them and have never worn them.

I like OUR new hats.
We both have new hats and I like them more than the hats that both of you got.

I like our NEW hats.
I like the new ones but there are many old ones I like also.

I like our new HATS.
We also got new shoes and new gloves, but I really like the new hats.

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