Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jan's Mom

While sitting at dinner I was reviewing the wonderful, if I may say so, photographs I have taken on various vacations and which are now framed and line the ledge of the kitchen counter.

When I got to the one with a collection of bistro chairs in a park, I hesitated over the name of the park in Paris. Out loud I said, "I know it begins with 'B.'" After just a minute or two of putting my mind on automatic "apple-search" I came up with the answer. The park in Paris was the Luxembourg Gardens. So I was kind of right and kind of wrong.

The next thoughts were of a story that our friend Jan Y tells about her mother trying to remember the name of an acquaintance. "Her name begins with an 'M,'" announced Pearl. "I am sure of it, 'M.'" Finally it came to her, "Emma, her name is Emma. See, it starts with 'M.'"

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