Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Continued Search for God: It Works

If you have read some of my previous work, you will know that while I consider myself a spiritual person, I do not consider myself a religious person and am not so sure I believe in a God. I have read, studied, discussed and continue my "search for God." The first breakthrough was when I realized  that there could be a "spiritual god", up until then only thinking in terms of a "religious god." But that is a different story. Meanwhile I would like to share a number of "Love Poems from God" edited by Daniel Ladinsky 2002.Only a few of the poems spoke to me and I continue to contemplate them and document them here for you as well as for my future study.

By Rabia, the most popular and influential of female Islamic saints and a central figure in the Sufi tradition. (c717-801)


Would you come if someone called you by the wrong name?

I wept because for years He did not enter my ams; then one night I was told a secret:

Perhaps the name you call God is not really His, maybe it is just an alias.

I thought about this, and came up with a pet name for my beloved I never mention to others.

All I can say is -- it works.

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