Friday, December 30, 2011

Musings on an old wooden fork

This post was inspired by and in response to a post by my friend Jan (I could not have said it better :•) Click here to see Jan's post: Musings on an old wooden spoon

The fork pictured here is at least 40  years old. Almost as old as my relationship with Gregory. I purchased it when I moved into my first apartment in Chicago. It is the utensil of choice when I am baking. 

The tines used to be straight, but because I am right-handed, the pressure from mixing cookie dough has gently curved the center tine toward a soft "crooked man with a crooked house" shape.

Just this Christmas season, as I was using it to mix dough for over 25 dozen cookies of six different types, I found myself admiring this forks heft, stains, history, and shifting grain.

This fork is, of course, a warm reminder of my life’s nurturing and baking — for friends, for family, for self. It is aging like I am and I am quite sure it will outlast me. 

One day it may find itself in an old cardboard box at a garage sale and when not purchased, which it certainly will not be, will be tossed into a garbage can where it will become part of a landfill somewhere.

If lucky, it will slowly decompose into the earth, still with so much function left to stir, blend, and agitate. I am sure that everyone can describe a spoon or fork of their own. 

Thanks Jan.

1 comment:

  1. When this wooden fork finds it's way into a garage sale, I will buy it and use it until one of the tines cracks away from its body with an almost inaudible alert of its fading condition and then I will take it to my garden and use it to stake one of my heirloom tomato seedlings. Please pass this information on to your fork, and may this note bring you peace of mind.


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