Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Sweet Mary

Mary was trying to make things right.

She has lied to Mark about loosing her virginity and again to Mat. Mom was quite proud of her daughter's abstinence considering what the other girls at that school were up to.

Mary had not shown up to work on her second day at Burger King claiming a severe migraine and never returned. The manager wrote off the cash register shorts to Mary's lack of experience handling money.

Mary's mom was convinced that someone had taken the hundred dollar bill from her purse while she was at work. Mary showed off her beautiful, expensive new blouse which she said she had purchased with her first full week's wages.

The police actually believed Mary when she told them she was 18 and let her take the six pack home to Peter, with whom she planned to loose her virginity while her mom was at work.

On his way home, a little tipsy, Peter didn't notice that a twenty was missing from his wallet but his dick was feeling real good. Who said white and black didn't mix.

Maybe Mary would make things right tomorrow.

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