Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Doesn't Affect Me ... Or Does it?

When I saw this headline my first reaction was that it didn't affect me personally.

14-Year-Old Evanston Boy Shot

and Killed Saturday Night

The more I thought about it, the more disturbed I became with my thinking. So by committing this to writing, perhaps I can be more aware and continue to work on my personal behaviors / thoughts, global awareness, connectedness to all living things, and good works - not just good talk.

My thoughts on seeing the news about Dajae Coleman's death were that it doesn't affect me because: 1) I am not a teenager. 2) He was not my child. 3) He was not related to me. 4) I am not black. 5) I do not walk around Evanston too late at night. 5) He was probably part of a gang. 6) I don't wan't to think that this could go on in Evanston.

The last thought is what got me to thinking seriously about the others. Why not Evanston? While it is a little safer than some other neighborhoods in Chicago or the U.S. for that matter, these things do happen everywhere in the world. And they shouldn't! I am not sure how or if this will ever turn or be turned around. Is it the parent's fault that one teen will shoot another or for that matter one adult, another? Is it the desperation that people feel? Is it the absence of gun laws? Is it the presence of guns? Does it stem from watching cartoons and playing video games in which murdered people get up again for the next round of play?

Is one person able to take the life of another because they feel that "This won't affect me?" So while I would not ever take someone's life, most likely not even under threat to self or others, perhaps my thoughts are just as bad as those who think that it is OK to hurt others! I will change those thoughts.

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