Sunday, November 25, 2012

Road Side Entrepreneur

Every Tuesday, Gregory and I drive down California Avenue on the way to his being dropped off for a painting session with Nancy

Often we see a woman on the west side of the street, sitting at a card table outside her home. On the table she has a number of items for sale like make-up, soaps, and candy. She is what I would call a road side entrepreneur. She is probably not licensed by the city  but her "shop" is OPEN FOR BUSINESS none the less.

For a long while now I have wanted to stop and patronize her shop but when we have enough time to get to Nancy's, often the woman's shop is not set up. When the woman is there, we are usually in a hurry to get to Nancy's and keep going. This time we had both time and the woman's shop was open.

I pulled over, got out of the car and headed over to the table to shop. The proprietor, who hopes to make a few dollars this way is an older, robust, black woman. I mention this because I have always admired the no nonsense, self confidence that I often notice and admire in black women like her of a certain age.

I selected one bar of carrot scented hand soap and five bags of assorted candy. The candy was hard as bricks but I was going to give them to Nancy who loves stale candy so it was a perfect match. My store clerk added up the items and said, "Five dollars, please."

I had already decided before getting out of the car and proceeded to hand her a twenty dollar bill and said, "You know I feel bad that I always miss you when we drive by, so just keep the change. Merry Christmas to you." I was careful with my wording because while I wanted to do something nice for her, I didn't want to insult her.

Before I know it she came around from behind the table, embraced me close in to her ample bosom, planted a loud smack on my cheek (not just an air kiss,) and asked God to bless me.

I don't really know that woman, but I sure do love her! I felt really good for a long time that day.

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