Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wow, just realized that 13 days have passed without my posting. And yet there is still a loyal following, checking in for new posts. To my readers, THANKS. I know that an apology is not necessary but I will give one anyway.

You all know that my life partner of over 35 years, Gregory, was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer's Disease approximately ten years ago.

For these last ten years my life has continued to evolve but most often in the direction of being Gregory's caregiver; running two lives (his and mine;) learning how to cook (someone has to do it;) getting our finances, wills, trust, medical issues in order (get these things out of the way while you still can;) and trying to live life as close to normal as the big "A" allows. 

I'll also mention that while I haven't been in any operas, we are still involved in tech rehearsals as a way of getting free tickets, Michael's Museum has taken a lot of time, we get out to a lot of theater and events, our social life and friends abound, I continue to write every day, etc.

I mention all of this to explain that instead of posting here with my personal writing, most of my writing has been about our life with Alzheimer's. It provides me with a way to share our life with family and friends as well as others who are dealing with loved ones who have been living with Alzheimer's. It also is a way for me to process what I am going through as Gregory progresses with this disease. 

So be sure to check not only this place, where I am going to try to post more often, but also visit the Alz BLOG at the above link. P.S. Love getting your COMMENTS.

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