Monday, January 28, 2013

Who Looks Foolish Now?

Every morning the routine goes something like this. I get up and let the cats out of the guest bathroom where they have spend the night with food, water, several cushions, their liter box, and room to play. 

When it is time to put them in at night,  I announce "TREATS!" and they come running, even though they know they are about to be locked up for the evening. No matter how "crazy" they have been during the day, they seem to enjoy settling in and are quiet until the next morning.

Next morning, I greet them with, "FREEDOM" as I open the bathroom door. They first weave their love around my legs and then venture off to begin their day. I sit on the sofa where I supervise their play because sometimes they need to work off that energy gained overnight.

They usually settle down but if they are having trouble doing so, I take their basket of toys and toss or roll them down the long hall at the front of the condo. This usually distracts them from running around the living room like "crazy people" up and over the sofa, chairs, and literally bouncing off the walls.

Today, I followed the above routine  with a humorous, unexpected result. As I was rolling and tossing, both cats went to the head of the hall and sat down. They watched as with various levels of energy I rolled each ball, and tossed each mouse down the hall. They did not leap, or follow, or chase. They just sat. Sat and watched me play with their toys. 

I wonder what they were thinking? When I finished, they returned to the livingroom where they continued to chase each other for another twenty or thirty mimnutes before settling down.

Here is a picture of them at rest in our bedroom. Like little children they are so peaceful when asleep and so wild with excess energy when awake!

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