Monday, February 4, 2013

Do NOT Touch

Today Gregory and I went to Northwestern with the intention of going to the Block Museum to see their new show. First we went to the student union, had a lovely lunch, and enjoyed some lovely "eye-candy."

After lunch we went to The Block and as we entered the weather entry before getting into the actual lobby and gift shop, the guard came out to tell us that the museum is closed on Mondays and "DO NOT touch. This is a museum. You are not supposed to touch things in museums."

What was he talking about you wonder? In the weather stop area there was a sculpture that consisted of approximately one dozen drums, of various colors and vintages, which were fastened one onto the other, in diminishing size and securely attached to a base. The bottom drums, for as high as you could reach, featured spring loaded hammers which could be pulled back, released, and cause the drum to be played. There was no sign, "Do not touch." We weren't even in the museum proper, just the weather entry area. And don't tell me that drums with spring loaded hammers ready to be played should merit a "DO NOT TOUCH!"

While the guard was pleasant enough, he was a little condescending and obviously I had to argue with him.

"There is no sign."

"This isn't even in the museum proper."

"How could one not play the drums the way they invite you to?"

"Your desk isn't even out here."

"You'll get laryngitis having to tell everyone not to touch."

"If you don't want people to touch the drums, there should be a sign."

His reply? "DO Not touch. This is a museum. You are not supposed to touch things in museums."

My finish? "Put a sign up." And we left.

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