Sunday, February 10, 2013

Training the Big Cats or How I Ran Away to the Circus and Was Home Again in Time for Dinner

Silly title but I had fun with it. Actually what I wanted to share was a story about training our new kitties. After a bit of research, I found out that I could train them to sleep at night and play during the day even though they are nocturnal animals by nature.

Step 1: Do not let them sleep during the day. Every time you see them snuggled in, wake them up.

Step 2: Play with them, including strenuous exercise, at least three times a day, especially right before bedtime.

Step 3: Keep toys out of the bedroom and avoid playing with them there if possible.

Step 4: Feed them moist food right before bedtime so they will have a full tummy.

Step 5: Be patient, be consistent, do this for a week or two and voila

Step 6: Kitties that will sleep through the night when you do.

Next I am working on keeping them off the kitchen island counter and from eating the plants. Stay tuned.

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