Saturday, March 22, 2014


Every now and then I post an APOLOGY to my regular readers (and new visitors as well) for not posting regular writing posts here and explaining that right now most of my writing deals with documenting my life partner of over 39 years, Gregory's Alzheimer's journey of at

"mhorvich cares about alzheimer's"  

He is now living at the Lieberman Center in Skokie, ten minutes away from the condo. I visit him almost every day. He is content and never has asked about being there. He is truly living in the moment.

The first month was rocky for Gregory including moving to long term care after a hospital confinement, loosing his balance while getting out of a sofa after watching TV, falling out of bed with 8 staples to his head and a shiner to his forehead with some soft tissue neck and back injuries, a Grand Mal Seizure with four day hospital stay ending with two days of a mild flu (he had the shot,) loss of enough strength through these various events to at this time be immobile in his wheel chair but with Physical and Occupational Therapy to see what can be done to help him come back closer to where he was.

For me most of any time gotten back by becoming the Secondary Care Giver has been spent getting him set up in his private room at Lieberman, planning for and attending various Care Conferences with the staff there, applying for Medicaid, getting the condo back in order, and catching up on some sleep.

Gregory, now in his second month at The Lieberman Center is settled in although the first month's difficulties have taken their toll. He is pretty much confined to his wheel chair, needs help eating, and I won't go into what that means for his bath rooming. But he continues to be happy and content. He also continues to "disappear" and be less available then he was during December. But as he grows less, I learn how to be less when I am with him and that is OK.

But my heart is light as I know that Gregory is in the right place and being well taken care of in a way that I could not have provided by keeping him at home.

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