Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wow, This Feels Good!

Since this is my writer's BLOG, I can brag here about myself. Right? Right!

This week as I continue my personal growth trajectory I had a good session with my therapist, did more than I was able to do last week and learned new techniques and understandings in my Yoga class, did more than I was able to do with my personal trainer downstairs at LA Fitness. I made good decisions regarding what kinds of foods I put into my mouth. I did some Swedish Fish and some pretzels but very few, hardly any.

My Sit With Me A While book of poetry has been reformatted into the 6x9 size which is the same size in which the second volume Sit With Me A While Longer was formatted. This change from the smaller size book, which I actually prefer, was to make both eligible for sale on Barnes and Nobel's website as well as Amazon.Com and Lulu.Com. While it is still a self published book it is beginning to feel more and more like the real thing.

I am looking forward to my poetry reading which will take place at Sherman Plaza, my condo, for residents and owners as part of a Social Committee event. I provide the cookies, bite-sized cupcakes, coffee, and tea and they provide the space (no charge,) the audience, and the advertisement. Wish me well.

The condo painting is 75% complete. Brenda will be back on Tuesday (after the Memorial Day Holiday) to finish up. I repeated most of the space in the Antique White which it was originally but now all the skuffs, scratches, and bumps are gone.

I decided I wanted to experiment with color and to do it by highlighting with color the architectural geometry that exists in the condo. For example there is a wall in the main room that provides a pass through to the kitchen area on one side and the kitchen island counter is attached to the other side. This free standing wall is rectangular in shape. I chose to paint it in an intense Celedon Green.

The front entrance hall features many black framed, black and white photographs as does the main room wall (which does not go all the way to the ceiling.) I decided to paint the hall and wall and the wrapped around main room wall in an intense gray which would make the photographs "pop." The hall is a little lighter because there is no day light in that area but when you look at those walls, the gray evens out and that corner of the condo is a "Gray Cube." More geometry.

The master bathroom and guest bathroom will have the same treatment using an, again intense, color called Dragon Blood Red. In the guest bathroom the corner rectangle which is the linen closet and in the master bath the tub alcove and the medicine cabinet area will be painted red.

The red will also be carried into the guest room/den covering the "box" that is the outside of the large closet that you enter from the front hall. It is also on a wall that does not go to the ceiling.

When I walked in after the second day of painting (the Antique White went up the first day) I walked around saying over and over again, "Holy Shit!" "Holy Fuck!" The painters were worried that I was unhappy and asked what was the matter. I told them, "No GOOD Holy Shit and GOOD Holy Fuck! I did not imagine that the colors and areas colored would make such a large impact on the space ... and all for the good."

I do have to admit that the Dragon Blood Red is causing me a little doubt but I think that after I have lived with it for a while I (and it) will calm down.

Hopefully my writing abilities has helped you picture these changes yourself. But just in case, I will post photos when the painting is complete.

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