Thursday, July 3, 2014


I awake each morning because my eyes open and I begin my day because that is what I do, not out of joy at having woken. I have been drinking my morning coffee lately out of habit, not out of the taste. When I am walking somewhere it is to get there, not to enjoy the walk. When I am hungry I eat but often do not take the time to savor the flavors of the food. And when it is time to go to sleep I get in bed and pull the covers up without being grateful for having a bed let alone sheets, pillows, and a cover.

Why am I in such a hurry, why am I just doing things to get them done instead of taking the time to enjoy the journey? I really do not have many obligations except to myself and peripherally to make sure Gregory is well taken care of and maybe, if you can call them obligations, to my family and friends.

I am obligated to take care of my pets to keep them safe, clean, and fed. I have the same obligation to myself but in a different way. But even these obligations are a choice. I could neglect my pets and myself and if others would notice they would just steer clear of me and my smelly apartment.

So let me today vow, to be grateful for each breath I take in saying, "I breath in and it is good," and grateful for each breath I release saying, "I breath out and it is good." Let me vow to be aware not only of the air around me but the weather, the ground, the sky, my walking, the people around me, the places I go, the things I do, the experiences I have.

To raise this to its pinnacle, I vow to be aware of the moment, for in a moment I will have lived my life and I don't want to miss it!

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