Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weight Loss as a Way of LIfe

I am not on a diet! I repeat - I am not on a diet. DIET implies that one looks to the day when one can be off the diet, or you end up stopping or breaking the diet. It is said that true weight loss takes time, will power, and is a way of life ... not a program you are on. They are right but it is not always easy to assimilate "what they say" with "what you believe."

Not wanting to "brag" too soon but I have been working in ernest over the last month on getting my weight and physical health under control. My commitment came when I tipped  the scales at 209lbs. Short of breath, bloated, uncomfortable in my clothes, inactive and feeling each of the years of my life as I approach my 70th birthday. So I decided to get back in control as much as I could.

Since Gregory entered Lieberman I have been working with a personal trainer at LA Fitness which is just a few floors beneath my condo. This week I realized that working out at the gym has become part of "what I do" rather than having to force myself to go to the gym when I really don't want to. I have doubled the sets I do on each machine and have been walking the treadmill.

I began a 21 day challenge, led by Son my personal trainer, and have been able to make good decisions about NO sugar, MINIMAL carbs, and SMALLER portions. I have been substituting one or two meals a day with SHAKEOLOGY shakes. I have been doing an online course from DailyOm called "Permanent Weight Loss Through Self Hypnosis" and it seems to be working to help with the challenge and meal substitution.

The greatest obstacle to achieving and maintaining my ideal weight is that I love food. I love how it tastes and how it looks. I am a sucker for sweets. Comfort foods are comforting. And temptation is everywhere: at parties, when you walk past the bakery, when you are eating at a restaurant, after dinner while doing the dishes, while watching TV.

I have been making good decisions, “walking past” temptations, and have fewer cravings but I think that pasta, carbs, bread, cake, raspberry or apricot sweet rolls, chocolate, candy bars, donuts, pies et al will always call to me. I am working at being able to hear the sirens (winged creatures whose singing lured unwary sailors onto the rocks) and ignoring them!

My weight is down from 209 to 203. Like quitting smoking, the longer you are seeing success the harder you work to not break the chain. I am working harder!

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