Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lessons on the Tens

This is reprinted from a post in May 2013 with additions:

There does seem to be an unspoken age restriction. As I have gotten older, I have had to work harder to stay in the flow, so to speak, and to believe that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Change becomes more difficult because one has more to loose (potentially) and with greater risk. One feels less resilient, less flexible, more attached to routine and habit. I watched this in my parents, thought them the fool, but have gradually seen the same in me.

But I have also calmed down, discovered and like who I am, have belief systems, have faith in my abilities to deal with the ups and downs of being alive.

I have shared this previously, but recently the topic came up again. I have added the 10's, 20',s and 30's in retrospect. My lessons in life, which came on the 10's are:

10: I hate school. I hate my classmates. I hate my parents. I hate my life. Men turn me on but I do not understand this (and there are no role models to help.)

20: When will puberty hit? I am still waiting. Who am I anyway? I do not know what I think, I do not know what I believe, I do not know who I am. I love college but hate studying and tests. I am still attracted to Men, there are very few role models, but I know how to hook up!

30: Finally graduated college, love teaching, love my life as an adult. Growing up late or mid-life crisis early. Quit teaching. Run away to Mexico. Work at discovering who I am. I am comfortable with my sexuality.

40: Life is linear. Some choices have to be left behind and there is no going back to those intersections. Your entire life is still ahead of you. Use it well!

50:  Life has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Most of your life is still ahead of you. Use it well!

60: In life, there is here and there is the here-after. So live for the here and try not to worry too much about the here-after. A lot of life is still ahead of you. Use it well!

70: Come back in 1.5 years to find out what I discover.

😃 😃 😃

And now as I approach my 70th birthday on March 27, 2015 here is my Life Lesson on the Tens for turing Seventy! I could be humorous and say the lesson is looking in the mirror and saying, "How in the FUCK did this happen?" but last night I did get an insight into my lesson for the 70'S.


70: If there are things you want to accomplish in life, it is now or never. No more "When I get to it." or "When other things are in place." or "Maybe someday." It is NOW or NEVER!

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