Friday, December 18, 2015

Like Loving Sisters

Gregory and I got two new kitties two years ago. They were acculturated together in the same room at the PAWS of Chicago Shelter but are not siblings. It wouldn't be obvious because they love each other like sisters.

Their personalities are very different. Gigi, who was picked out by Gregory, is tall, lean, intelligent, thoughtful, quiet, calm. Much like Gregory. Emma, who I picked out, is short, overweight, a little dumb, doesn't stop to think, noisy, active. Much like me.

They both get into trouble. Every time I think that I have things under control, one or the other will discover a new way to cause trouble. Like taking a dump in the tub, or pulling up a corner of the carpet, stealing off the kitchen counter (where they are not allowed!) or exercising claws on the closet door.

Gigi gets into trouble after what feels like careful analysis, observation, planning, and much thought. Emma gets into trouble with what feels like her just impulsively rushing forward without giving anything much thought. 

Emma loves to chase a red and blue puff ball. Sometimes she carries it around in her mouth, screaming loudly to announce the capture of her prey. Other times she will play fetch with me for extended periods of time. I toss the ball, she brings it back. Over and over and over.

Gigi's favorite toy is a page of Gregory's "One-A-Day Calendar." We used to keep it to help Gregory keep track of the days. Now I just rip off a random page, bunch it into a ball, toss it and watch Gigi chase and bat it for hours.

Every morning when I awake and am taking care of my bathroom duties, so to speak, Emma comes running for her morning pet. Gigi will very quietly, almost stealthily, bring a red and blue puff ball and place it just outside the bathroom, and then leave.

It is as if she is bringing the toy for Emma, figuring that Emma is probably too dumb to remember where she left it!

Fun to imagine what they must be thinking!

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