Monday, January 25, 2016

A Gentle Blue Embrace: Miracle #13

Miracle 13 occurred today as I was arriving home. I got onto the freight elevator after getting my mail.

During the day, the freight elevator is draped in blue quilted protection padding so deliveries and move-ins and outs will not damage the elevator walls. After 5:00, the quilts are taken down and the freight elevator becomes its lovely self as an additional vehicle to handle the ups and downs of the residents in the building.

I got on the elevator, pushed "4" for my floor, and as the doors closed I felt this flutter of a soft embrace cover my head and face. At first it frightened me but when I realized that the quilt I was standing by had released itself from the upper left hand hook which caused a corner of the pad to drape down over me while the rest stayed in place.

I laughed and said aloud, "Gregory, not funny! You scared me!" And I laughed again.

Here is photo taken awhile ago against the padding. Turns out I had the same shirt on again today!

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