Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last night at bedtime I was feeling very sad and missing Gregory. The tears automatically started rolling, I gave into the emotions, and started howling (keening.) 

Gigi, is the kitty that Gregory picked out while mine is Emma.) Gigi has turned into my best friend while Emma just likes to get pet! Gigi is the thoughtful, taller, leaner one (just like Gregory) while Emma is the more impulsive, shorter, fatter one (just like me!)

Gigi came over to where I was sitting on the side of the bed and rubbed my leg with a "meow." She hopped up onto the bed, stood up onto my chest, and began licking my ear.

I really believe that she came over to console me and it worked. I hugged her and felt better. Gigi and I talked about life for a while, I went into the bathroom to wash my face with a hot cloth, and then I turned in for a good night sleep.

I continue to experience the "clock miracles" but will not necessarily write about them individually. Last night Gregory was really in high gear: I went to sleep at 10:10, woke at 11:11, again at 1:23, then 3:57, at 5:55, and finally at 9:10. A lot of lovely "winks and nods."

Gigi in the den watching TV


  1. Our cat Ike had emotional trauma lately and took to hiding in the greenhouse when the door was open.

    Yesterday we caught a big white and gray kitty in the armadillo trap that we'd left in front of the dog hut/cat hut because we though a 'possum might be who was stealing his food atop the cat hut. Big kitty was glad to escape the Hav-a-hart trap with Buffy giving chase but no so close that anybody was endangered. I don't think that cat will venture here again.

    This morning there was a huge raccoon in the trap, a growler. He'd slipped his paw through the cage bars and torn a hole in the dog hut bed, strowing stuffing everywhere. He also left a mess of a different kind. He was relocated to the north end of the farm.

    Ike is still in the greenhouse as high as he can climb and find an empty shelf on which to rest.

    1. Pets certainly put us through a lot ... but all worth it! Lucky the trap didn't hurt Big White. I wonder if it might not decide to adopt you and Buffy and Ike. Hope Ike is able to calm down soon! Are raccoons territorial like squirrels? I learned the hard way about squirrels because they kept returning. Finally ended up taking them many miles away into the forest preserve and releasing them there. Solved the problem until the next family of squirrels moved in :-)

    2. P.S. Jean. Do you click the "Notify Me" box thereby getting my replies to your comments? Please let me know. Tks.

  2. I don't check the box. I come back to see the comments; a quirk.

    Buffy and Ike are only cat and dog and will not welcome another cat. I think this one lives down the road about a half mile and will not feel welcome to return after his rude treatment.

    We are stopping leaving cat food out overnight, a notion with which I have never agreed but He-Who-Dishes-Out-Food insisted. I think he's a believer now since we had 2 visitors in one day. If the raccoon comes back from a mile away and is brave enough to fall into a trap again, he's toast. Maybe the absence of food will make that moot.

  3. Oh, and the trap will not hurt an animal. They walk inside, step on a little trip lever and the door closes behind them. They're just caged until we notice, which is not long. The funniest to trap are opossums. They hiss and show their teeth. Once the door is open, they're out of there and never look back.

    Come to think of it, my Cover photo on Facebook is a caged 'possum. Look for it: Jean Jones Campbell.

    I hope you feel less unconsoled tonight.


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