Sunday, January 10, 2016

Miracles: Threes

Today is Gregory and my 41st anniversary. Last night, before bedtime, I had a chat with him and reflected how strongly my love for him continues and how I will continue to live my life in a way that reflects and honors our love for each other.

It is said, "Until death do you part!" but that is not really true. If a love is real, it lasts forever, so even in death Gregory and my love for each other is paramount to me and, wherever his spirit may reside, I believe for him as well.

As I drifted off, I thought "Wouldn't it be nice if I could receive a 'visit' or 'sign" from Gregory in honor of our anniversary." My current thinking is that if one believes in something then it is true. So if I believe he hears me, and that I hear him, and that he watches over me, and that we are still together in my heart and in my soul, then it is true!

As I often do, I need to digress here. I promise I will return to the point of this post.

During the night, I often get up to pee. Sometimes I am awakened up by the cats roaming around so I tell them "Stobbit" (stop it) and they do. Sometimes my hip will hurt from lying on one side and the pain will wake me so I get up to stretch.

As a habit, when I am up during the night, I press the button on top of my clock to light up the time. I have taken to accepting unique times as a wink or nod or "hello" from Gregory. For example, our favorite time has always been 11:11, AM or PM. Times like 1:23 or 3:21 are fun. I really love 12:34 or 2:34, 3:45, 5:55 etc.

These unique number combinations do not occur that often but when they do, I smile and tell Gregory "I love you too!"

A further digression. I have written about the #3 as my lucky number and an important one in my life. Read about it here: (Opens in a new window so you won't get lost.)

Now back to the point of this post. Last night for the first time I can ever remember and certainly for the first time since Gregory's death; I awoke, looked at the clock, and the time was: "3:33 AM." The answer to my having asked for a "sign." Not only a unique repetition of numbers but using my favorite one!

Wow, I considered that another Gregory Miracle! On our anniversary it was a very important wink, nod, reminder of our love. It has helped me feel cheerful today instead of sad. I am happy to be celebrating our 41st anniversary with loving memories of the wonderful time we had together.

Also, I celebrate Gregory's death and his "finding his way out," as he used to say, while I get to stick around for a while looking for mine. So far today I have not felt the need to grieve!

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