Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moving Away From The Physical

In this meaningful passage, Karla talks about the relationship with the person who has died, as needing to move from a physical relationship to something different. The nature of the relationship changes but the relationship itself and love never dies.

The way we interact with the people and animals and things we love is predominantly physical. Everything we experience in this world we experience with our physical senses.

We see them with our eyes, hear them with our ears, speak to them with our voices knowing they hear us in return, we touch and hold them, we gesture and send messages with our physical bodies, we intimately know their scent, their touch, their presence in our lives in a physical way.

We exchange communication, love, nurturing, and sharing in physical, sensory ways ― touches, hugs, words, song, food, gifts, shared experiences, a sunset, a concert, a road trip, the first time our children say our names, roller coaster rides, intimate dinners, love notes, laughter, and when those ways of being in a relationship are gone, the adjustment is excruciatingly difficult and painful.

Figuring out how to have a relationship with someone who is not physically here, and never will be again, is incredibly difficult, yet we must because to not have the relationship is even more difficult.

While it is the case that death ends a physical life in a physical body, it does not end a relationship and it never ends love.

Taken from Yoga for Grief and Loss by Karla Helbert Pp 21-22

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