Saturday, January 2, 2016


Dear Readers.

As I make the transition from ending my "Alzheimer's Blog" to re-invigorating my "Writer's Blog", I will double post on both. You can sign up to receive the posts by e-mail or by subscribing. These links are located on the top right side of the page once you are on the writer's blog.

My "mhorvich cares about alzheimer's" blog has been somewhat linear, with some back and forth, but none-the-less following Gregory and my journey since 2010. It shares not only our experiences but also our ups and downs, our lessons, and suggestions that may help you think about life, death, and the activity called living! Even though the journey and the blog are linear, there are benefits from scrolling back through the blog in a non-linear fashion to experience the Journey of Alzheimer's at various twists and turns and rest areas on the path.

My "mhorvich writes" blog is non-linear, more random. I write about what moves me, when it moves me and where it moves me. Sometimes I write about my life experiences, sometimes dreams, often observations and insight into situations, and also just "musings." Some of the writings are in essay form, some memoirs, some poetry. Some are fiction, most are non-fiction. As with a linear blog, you could start at the beginning and work your way through, over time, to the current day post. Or you could dip in here and there to see what you come up with.

Both blogs have "key word descriptions" running along the right side of the page with the number of times that topic has been addressed. If you click on the key word, it will open all of the posts dealing with that descriptor.

Finally, comments are always appreciated. You can sign in with one of the comment accounts or just use "Anonymous." Please add your name or initials if you want me to know who you are. Also, check the "Notify Me"box if you want to receive a reply. I always reply to comments.



  1. As I wander around your blogs reading I am sometimes caught up in unexpected coincidences. A great example was finding The Secret Life of Bees. A friend sent me the audio recording some years ago when I needed a little comforting. I passed it on to someone else.

    Everything reminds me of something else. The directions you received in Battle Creek brought to mind my brother's story about asking directions in Brooklyn. A man at an intersection shouted, "Go down to Flabby Shabby and turn right." Frustrated, Bob finally stopped and asked someone else, "How do I get to Flabby Shabby?" The man pointed to a nearby sign: Flatbush Avenue.

  2. Keep wandering, you'll find more I expect.


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