Sunday, March 20, 2016

Charleston, South Carolina: Justin and Sara are wed!

One of the beautiful doors on many of Charleston's charming houses.

Currently, I am in Charleston, South Carolina attending the wedding of our (I still include Gregory) Great Nephew Justin to his sweet and beautiful Sara! It is good being here with all the family celebrating this joyous occasion.

Also, have been enjoying the first "vacation" in many years. The city of Charleston is charming and reminds me very much of New Orleans. Interesting shops, delicious restaurants, just a lot of walking and walking around.

But as wonderful has these few days have been, I have had bittersweet presences. Two of them. 

First the joy of the spiritual presence of Gregory being by my side enjoying the adventure through my eyes, ears, and taste buds.

The second is the lack of his presence being felt in the car as I drive around, on the streets as I walk around the Historic Downtown, in my bed as I drift off to sleep, at the dinner at Niece and Nephew Liz & L.S.'s house with all the family, at the ceremony on the beautiful lawn outside the plantation where the wedding took place, at the dinner of BBQ beef, chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, and salad.

I am not overwhelmed with grief, cried only a little during the wedding ceremony (doesn't everyone?) But I am missing my honey and wish he was here, whole and alive, with me!

Chairs for the outdoor wedding ceremony were set up facing the pond. For two days rain had been predicted. The morning of the ceremony the weather report was at 90% chance of rain. By the time the wedding began, the sun was in its full splendor, with rain prediction down to 10% to begin at 10:00 pm. We decided that Gregory had intervened on behalf of the kids to make it a perfect day for their "I do's."


  1. Happy is the bride the sun shines on. They're a handsome couple. Glad you had a good time. It's a great time of year to visit Charleston.

    1. First vacation in two years and first getaway since Gregory's passing. Had a good time, enjoyed the city greatly. I have always loved visiting New Orleans and Charleston felt much the same (minus the NOLA French Quarter.)


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