Monday, March 14, 2016

Geneva Film Festival - March 10 - 12, 2016

From arrival to departure, the Geneva Film Festival was a wondeful experience. Geneva is a beautiful, comfortable, friendly, easy to navagate city with excellent shops, restaurants, and antiquing. The Festival Organizers and Volunteers were friendly, helpful, and easy to work with. They made me feel welcome and like a "celebrity!" 

The film venues were comfortable and the films were moving, exciting, meaninful, beautifully filmed, and more! The range of film topics was amazing and the quality was unbelieveablely high. Alzheimer's: A Love Story was honored to be at the festival, was well received by everyone present who saw it, and we won "Best Student Short!" What a weekend.

The feedback on Alzheimer's: A Love Story was overwhelming. Approximately 37 people were in the audience at the first screening on Thursday and 50 in the second screening on Saturday. 

After each screening there was a "Q&A" with the Filmmakers. On Thursday I was the only one present and on Saturday there were two films represented. The films shown at the festival were from all over the U.S. and some from all over the world.

Alzheimer's: A Love Story was well received by everyone who saw it, but also by everyone who heard about it or saw part of the story in the festival's trailers. All of the organizers and volunteers at the festival made a point of thanking me and offering appropriate condolences on Gregory's passing. 

I think my being present at the festival put a "face" on the story which added to the wonderfully told story by the documentary's directors Gabe, Monica, Riani, and Amanda. A two pronged attack so to speak!

Questions at the "Q&A" were about the filming, the editing, how the project came to be also people wanted to share their personal Alzheimer's story or find out more about mine. All in all, I believe I did a pretty good job of spontaneously addressing their questions while also making sure credit was given to Chapman University, Dodge College of Media Arts, the Dhont Family, and the "kids" who did all the work :-)

The "Wrap Party" was fun and well attended by community residents, film attendees, organizers, volunteers, and filmmakers. It was a great way to wrap up a wonderful experience and "Alzheimer's: A Love Story" is honored to have been part of the festival and to have won "Best Student Short."

• • • • •

The Unitarian Universalist Church
Festival Arrival and Sign In
Green Room Location
Venue for our Documentary
(One venue of four across the city)

Pat and Isaac joined me for the Thursday Screening

Had a wonderful dinner here before the screening

Felt like a celebrity

The Red Carpet Treatment

The Green Room for Filmmakers, Festival Organizers, and Volunteers.

The snacks and later delicious sandwiches

The Goodie and Welcome Gift Bags

 The posters

The schedule posted in the Green Room

Filmmaker sign in and Venue ticket sales

The Gift Shop

Church venue audience arrives. 40 on Thursday 50 on Saturday

Isaac, Pat, and Michael at the Celebrity Wall

Filmmaker Roundtable Breakfast at 25N Coworing

 Organizers and Volunteers at the "Wrap Party" at Wild Wood Restaurant.


  1. What a fascinating weekend you had with old and new friends. No surprise that ALZ won Best in its category.

    It was good that one of the principals (*stars) of the film was there to make it even more real to visitors and to discuss and answer questions. I know you were not surprised at people wanting to discuss their experiences, too.

    1. Hi Jean. It was a high for me! I have gotten used to and good at letting people share their stories. It is the least I can do. What I continue to be surprised at is how the fact that we are a same sex couple seems to be a mute issue for everyone. Having discovered my sexuality and "come out" in the 50's and 60's, I find I still am "looking over my shoulder" out of fear of being discovered or attacked. Definitely pleased at where being gay is today but still mindful of the emotional triggers of the past which are not really true anymore!

  2. So happy to hear how well the documentary and you were received. As challenging as Gregory's Alzheimer's was, it is remarkable and inspiring to experience the powerful and constructive ripples his and your lives have created.

    1. Yes, as hard as it was living with Alzheimer's, there were also many gifts given to both of us!


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