Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

Been a little while since my last post. I was in Dallas at the U.S.A. International Film Festival for a week and also visiting family who live in Fort Worth.

On flying back yesterday, I rushed off to another screening of the documentary at the Gay Pride Films and Plays: Queer Bits Short Film Festival where I was also the featured speaker!

While I will always miss my love Gregory, and while I am still overwhelmed with grief now and then, I am truly feeling much better, enjoying life, continuing with projects laid to rest during Gregory's difficult times, and being able to remember the good times more than the difficult ones!

I have found that the need to BLOG and the need to write POETRY has diminished as Gregory has moved to a "better place" and as I have been feeling better as well. The urge to write is less with a sun shiny silver lining when compared to a dark, stormy sky.

Eventually I will re-commit to the manuscript about Gregory and my journey with Alzheimer's and other projects like promoting the documentary "ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story," "Michael's Flea Circus," the possibility of growing "Michael's Museum: A Curious Collection of Tiny Treasures - A Permanent Exhibit at Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier," and my latest fantasy project: "ALZHEIMER's: A Love Story Musical."

U.S.A. Film Festival in Dallas TX

With family left to right: brother-in-law George, Great Nephew Brandon, Great Niece Jessie, Niece Jacki, Nephew-in-Law Steve, Jacki's Beau Royce, Niece Lauren, Great Nephew Ben, Me, Great Nephew J.D., Sister Libbe, Nephew Scott, Niece-in-Law Jodi. Not present: Jenni (away at college) and Jerry (celebrating his 21st birthday in New York)

Gay Pride Films and Plays: Queer Bits Film Festival

Q&A after the screening with Dan Pal

With friends Jan & Jake

With Supernumerary friends Theo, Peg, and
Terry (also taught with her for Glenview 34)

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