Friday, April 1, 2016


While over the years I have grieved the passing of family and friends, I didn't really understand what grieving was until Gregory died. I learned that you must expect the grief to be great if the love was great!

I would expect that the grief would also be great if there were many missed opportunities or unspoken feelings. In Gregory and my case, we could not have done a better job. No regrets, no apologies necessary!

Meanwhile got through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Anniversary, Mom’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, mom’s passing anniversary ... all in one piece. Some crying but good crying, not out of control or hysterical. 

I should be home free until July 4th for Gregory’s birthday and then again until the next round next year. A memory, a song, a familiar place, an experience all can trigger the return of grief. I would expect that while I will continue grieving, it WILL get easier as I have read and as I have begun experiencing.

One must experience the lessening of grief by oneself and by going through it vs avoiding it or letting others tell you how to do it or to "get over it!"


  1. Eventually the time will come when you can speak of Gregory with great affection not tinged by overwhelming sadness, but with memories of his special place in your history. Then one day you are suddenly blindsided with the unexpected billow of grief that you thought was behind you. That's just the way life is.


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