Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feedback on the MTE EdFund Inaugural Luncheon

So many people have given me such wonderful feedback on not only the luncheon but also the great work of La Casa Norte, the good works that Gregory and I have been able to support, and the moving documentary ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story! Please to share some of them with you.

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It was amazing to visit with Greg yesterday (through the documentary.) I felt as if I was right there with him and you along with all the joy and pain, love and angst. It propelled me to finally document Greg's home within my home and heart and pass it along to you. The luncheon was wonderful. The documentary truly awe inspiring. You are my amazing, amazing friend and I love you dearly. C

Congratulations on what sounds like a very successful event yesterday! I am only sorry that more of us weren’t able to join you. I heard (unanimously, I will add!) that the event was beautiful, emotional, and simply inspiring. Bravo! J

Just wanted to ket you know how much I enjoyed the luncheon yesterday. As I said to R and J it was one of the nicest and inspiring fundraisers I’ve ever been to, and there have been plenty.  It was great to view the film and I was so impressed with La Casa Norte, staff and clients. Needles to say there were many misty eyed moments throughout.  Thank you for having me as your guest. La Casa Norte will be on my early contribution list for Sure! D

Amazing presentations by Casa del Norte.  They have the energy and passion for success for the most worthwhile of causes. And your movie…….it’s clear why it has won so many awards.   The message is so very important, and easy for people to relate and respond to. Thank you for including us on this remarkable, very successful journey you have been on.  K

Michael, I was so moved by the movie, the More Than Ever event, and by you... You embody the purist form of love I have ever encountered, and it is something to behold❤️ J

The luncheon was a beautiful experience for both B and I. Everything about it was meaningful and touching, and I am so glad you invited us to share it with you. Thank you so very much. Love you. L

I'm in Chicago to honor my former boss and mentor, Gregory Maire, who passed away last year. He and his partner, Michael Horvich, set up the "More Than Ever" education foundation to help homeless youth through La Casa Norte in Evanston, IL. Today was the inaugural luncheon. We watched a documentary about Greg and Michael called "Alzeimer's: A Love Story," which just a won a best short film award at the Cannes Film Festival! Greg and Michael have and will continue to make a positive impact on many people's lives. To me and Amethel, they have been the best of friends and amazing examples of love, integrity, and generosity. K

Thank you: --for showing your devotion to Greg in such a real, raw, wrenching, loving, inspiring way. I'm still fairly drained from experiencing the film. It was a rare glimpse into true love, passion, pain, heartache, and commitment. Wow. --for your thoughtful comments immediately following the film.  I mean really, what can a person say after that? But you DID it.  You were masterful. --for your devotion to the mission of La Casa Norte.  --for including CCM in the event; it was an honor to be there today with M, J, and YOU.  --for agreeing to speak at my church in September.  I can't wait! We can talk about the program whenever you're ready: sooner or later, whatever makes you most comfortable. K

WOW! What a packed event and an emotional roller coaster - in such a positive way. It’s always a good day when I see you, but this was amazing. I am so inspired to live, love, and do more.  You are so inspiring, Michael.  You live life to the fullest and do all that you can.  I’m not sure how you do it.  Thanks for letting us all into your story.  That is truly your gift for all of us to benefit from - young and old alike! It was hard to watch your film without hugging you at the same time.  I had the urge to run over to the whole time.

I love you J

Hi Bebe. Just a quick note to thank you and tell you how beautiful the the day was...the lunch, the documentary, your comments to the group, and the beautiful work that Casa Norte is doing. You're fucking fantastic...and so is Casa Norte!   Congratulations on today. The film was as I expected, a magnificent tribute to u and Greg, and your life together. Your speech was so moving, as were your tears. Also, Casa Norte, an excellent choice for your support. We were so happy to be a part of this special day for u and Greg. 😘😘 Such a nice lunch! Very moving on all levels. Congrats. J

Thank you for the invite.  I enjoyed myself and was so impressed with Casa Norte and your scholarship.  I happily donated by the way.  Hope all is well and the video was beautiful. R

The luncheon was AMAZING!! Elegant, well run, the kids laid me out - weren't they something? Your talk was wonderful - so heartfelt and inclusive. I was sitting there absolutely sobbing, clutching Greg's Teddy Bear, but it was so good to see him again. I remember how much I loved visiting him! Met up with that one lady's family who used to sit at Greg's table. Saw others I knew, too, (the Gay Family, of course, but others from other walks of life) besides neighbors. A great turnout for a great cause and the movie added so much. Really well done - not just from my bias of loving you and Greg but from my experience of making films for decades. Those students are talented!! Do you have post-let down or are you, I hope, filled with a deep sense of satisfaction?? Bravo - I know it takes a lot to produce something like that. Love you, S

ADDED JULY 14, 2016

It was so moving, Michael. A beautiful testimonial to your love and Greg's memory. I loved the images in the film of him playing the piano. So happy the documentary is receiving such recognition everywhere -- and at Cannes! You're a star, and Greg was so lucky to have you, and you him obviously. So glad I came. Mom is here with me now and we're enjoying the centerpiece, which is a nice memento for me. J

Thank you for the honor of inviting me to the "More Than Ever" Education Luncheon honoring your and Gregory's legacy. La Casa Norte is doing wonderful work in helping homeless youth. I know what important work this is because my son-in-law was in this position when he was in his teens. God bless you for the help you are giving these young people. Blessings, K

It was truly gratifying to join good friends in support La Casa Norte's fundraiser recently, and simultaneously honor Michael Horvich and his late husband's memory, Harvard trained architect Gregory Maire. And our good friends. We were all able to view a very moving short documentary, "Alzheimer's A Love Story," beautifully and sadly revealing the joys and struggles of their relationship in the latter years of Gregory's life. Alzheimer's is a true challenge in my own family and to millions of others. Equally important is the mission of La Casa Norte around homeless youth. Thanks Michael for reminding us to keep these issues at our minds' forefront. D

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