Monday, May 30, 2016

Horvich/Maire Update E-Mail Blast

The MORE THAN EVER EDUCATION FUND Inaugural Luncheon was a great success. One hundred fifty people attended and in all we raised over $50,000 for the fund which will all go directly to help to provide educational opportunities to youth confronting homelessness in the greater Chicago area. It was great seeing many of you in the audience at the luncheon!

Donations are still coming in so if you were planning on being part of this amazing legacy, feel free to mail a check to La Casa Norte at 3533 West North Avenue, Chicago Il 60647 with MTE EdFund noted in the memo or go to and click the “DONATE” button, click the MTE EdFund button or mention MTE EdFund in the comments. The donation is tax deductible.

By the end of the year there will be 25 students involved in the program attending four year college, junior college, and degreed training programs. Because of the funds raised, the City of Chicago has stepped up and granted housing vouchers for all 25 students, and another grant has provided three additional, full time educational support staff to La Casa Norte. 

These links will take you to my presentation at the luncheon and photographs from the event.

• • •

ALZHEIMER’S: A Love Story, the documentary, continues to amaze audiences as it has just been accepted to its 25th film festival, has won 14 awards including Best LGBTQ and Best Student Short at Cannes. It has been accepted to the oldest and largest LGBTQ Film Festival in San Francisco. I will be there for the documentary’s screenings over Gay Pride week. 

To follow the success of this endeavor visit: The documentary will not be available on the internet or social media until sometime after 2017 because the film festivals require “exclusivity.” But check out facebook to see where it will be playing and also expect to be invited to some private showings in the Chicago Area.

• • •

MICHAEL’S MUSEUM: A Curious Collection of Tiny Treasures just celebrated its fifth birthday as a beloved, permanent exhibit at Chicago Children’s Museum on Navy Pier. Hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors to Chicago continue to Feel the Magic, Experience of Joy! 

Although the museum’s site and blog are only rarely being updated, you can scroll back through many wonderful Michael’s Museum stories and photographs. &

• • •

It has been eight months since Gregory died. It seems like a hundred years ago and it seems like yesterday. But his presence lives on in our memories and our hearts, as well as through the MTE EdFund and the documentary. He lives on as long as we remember him and mention his name with fondness, love, and joyful memories. 

While grief still overwhelms me now and then, I think that I have been able to move past our twelve years living with Alzheimer’s, his needing to move to the Lieberman Center Special Care Alzheimer’s Unit, and his quick decline towards the end. I seem to be back in the world with hopes, ambitions, and plans for the future. Thank all of you for having been there for Gregory and for having supported me through the difficult times. As I have said over the years, and now with a little adjustment: “We are grateful to have you in our lives: mine physically and Gregory’s spiritually.”


  1. <3 <3 <3 to everything and congratulations and thank you for all your good deeds and work <3

    1. Thank you Susan. As you can see, now that Gregory has gone home I have been freed up to pursue new adventures. Hope all is as well as possible with you.


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