Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Anniversary Dear Gregory: Celebrating the Day He Died

Last year on Sunday October 4, 2015 at 12 noon, the person I have loved for 41 years and who gave unqualified love in return, passed on to his next adventure on the other side of life as we know it. 

We lived with his diagnosis of Dementia/ Alzheimer's for 12 years and I mean LIVED! He was not a victim of Alzheimer's he was a HERO in life. 

His last year and three quarters at The Lieberman Center were difficult but he was content, happy, safe, and well taken care of, how much more could one ask for? 

Midwest Hospice did a stellar job of keeping Gregory comfortable and supporting me in my understanding of the procees of living and dying with Dementia/ Alzheimer's. 

His death was a peaceful one. 

The last night we were together, I kissed his open mouth three times. On the third kiss, through his three day coma, he was able to muster the energy to close his lips and kiss me back one last time. 

There is magic in life ... and in death. 

I had a conversation with Gregory last night and asked him how we would celebrate the anniversary of his death, he replied: "In contemplation of life, thinking only of the good times, side by side together, with love. 

Thank you for your involvement in our life!

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