Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Performance Performance

Another amazing dream last night. This time it lasted for three hours and I know because I kept waking up and noticed the passage of time. It ran from approximately 3:00 to 6:00am. Each time I fell asleep, the dream picked up where it had left off.

The dream took place in a night club of sorts, a bar, or perhaps a large open space party room. Most of the guests were sitting around on high stools at high tables, sitting around sofa settees, or standing about.

The lead performer was a Lady Gaga type chanteuse and her back up chorus of men and women. The lighting was magnificent, the music loud and engaging.  If I could remember the music and the lyrics, I could produce an award winning Broadway musical! I do not recall if there was a story line and if there was, what it might have been.

The most significant part of the dream was its YING/YANG approach to performance. One could not tell who was in the audience and who was a performer. You could not tell when the show was over or if it would begin again. At the same time, I was not able to tell if the performance was in full swing or if it was intermission.

Some of the performers performed inside the room and others performed outside but were broadcast on huge TV screens. They walked in, marched in, came singly and in groups, came out of side wall doors, arrived on moving platforms,  were lowered from the ceiling, and were raised from the basement below.

Putting it mildly it was a spectacular spectacle!

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