Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Bucket List?

In thinking about it, not necessarily in this order: 

Haven’t done much “book binding” for quite a while. This includes the craft of making books, the art of creating unique books, the ability to restore important family books and heirlooms. I have all the supplies but the interest is dormant. 

Like so many parts of my life. 

I have all the supplies for my jewlery making but they lie dormant. 

I have all the makings for a Flea Circus, but they lie dormant. 

Miniature Card Making Station to set up at Isaac’s Coffee Shop to make money to add to MTE EdFund. 

Abilities to “Read the Tarot Cards."

Miniature Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear making materials. 

Enough new collections to make a “Michael’s Museum II” which is a traveling art instllation called “The Small Museum.”

Enough new collections to add several new cases to the existing MM@CCM.

Sumi Art Drawing Inks, brushes, and papers.

Putting together a photographic look at Gregory’s architecture career.

Getting approximately one dozen children’s picture books published with the stories already written and waiting.

Finishing a creative non-fiction work, called: “The Museum of Michael’s Mind,” writing began many years ago and organized and resurrected during my 2010 Ragdale residency.

Notes and thoughts written about a new project: “Alzheimer’s: The Musical.” Actually working on this one with a director friend from the Lyric.

Putting together a book called: “The Making of Michael’s Museum.” I have all the backup verbiage and photographs.

Enough text material to create “ALZHEIMER’S: A Memoir.” This one I am working on.

Expanding "ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story" documentary with existing footage taken last March 2015.

Not to mention wanting to travel the world!

Is there a pattern here that I have not previously noticed? Or am I am man of many ideas and too little time? Or is life too short? Or do I live my life in a random pattern, circling around and around and never accomplishing anything? Or did Gregory’s Alzheimer’s not only give me many gifts but also sap much energy and time? Or do I have to many projects in my bucket to think about dying yet? Or now that I have time on my hands am I revisiting them all?

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