Friday, November 11, 2016

Taking a Stand

Dear Readers and Followers,

After all we have been through with the presidential elections, I am feeling a bit raw and uncertain in my security as a citizen of the United States of America. With Trump being elected, I am not all that sure how UNITED these STATES are.

I write about what I think and about what I believe to be true. It is my way of processing the world I live in and often they are a word in progress. I am NOT trying to convince you what to think! Please DO NOT try to convince me that I am wrong.

I hate to even say this, but if you have anything NEGATIVE to say about my posts, please think twice. If you disagree, I would prefer you say nothing.

I believe in myself as much as you believe in yourself. Sometimes I may react without all the information available. Sometimes I may react based on my limited experiences. I am always able to easily back off and/or apologize. But react I will, so if you disagree ... start your own BLOG and I will follow you there!


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On Facebook L.S. wrote: 

Some of the many articles I've read talk about the concept of the "echo chamber" where one only reads and listens to their friends and the media that agree with them.

In the final days of the election, I read and heard many on the Hillary side railing against the concept that Trump and his supporters might not accept the results of the election. Are those the same indignant people rioting in the streets now and posting feverishly on Facebook?

Here's a couple of articles that may give perspective to that concept of "giving in".

Previously I have posted on Facebook:

"While I have been trying to "live my life" optimistically and with positive energy since November 8th, I continue to feel a heaviness, a pall over my days. I continue to try to remain mindful in my thinking, processing, coping.

I have decided to take the stance that I will not participate in knee jerk reactions or in trying to analyze publicly my emotions or academically discuss my perceptions of the "history" what I think is taking place here. 

But I also will not resort to feeling "Everything will be OK" in fear of not being as vigilant as I should. "

My response to L.S. by private message:

I am aware of the "echo chamber" effect especially on Facebook where for the most part, most of my "friends" agree with me. But I believe my observations are greater than just being an echo.

I am Jewish, and Gay, and part of the intelligentsia not to mention a white man who is somewhat financially well off. This causes me to feel more frightened.  

I have thought the same as you mention about people taking to the streets. I have realized painfully that I am now on the side of those protesting on the streets, much like we were afraid of what would happen when Hillary was elected. 

With Trumps being elected, I am frightened at how many fellow citizens support the things he has said and what that says about how they feel about me!

But you know what, I really cannot look at even ONE piece of what might be good about Trump and say, "Oh lets give him a chance." He is a dangerous person and has proven this so many times that as far as I am concerned, there is NO trusting him in any way or even backing off and giving him a chance. We seem to have no choice except to make our voices heard.

There is NOTHING good about the man considering ALL of his faults that blind me to any possible good points that might exist. And my negative impressions are not based on "echo chamber," "rumor mills" or "spin;" because I have read too much and seen too many side by side videos of him saying one thing and then saying the opposite.

I have heard directly from his mouth about his attitudes towards women, blacks, Gays, immigrants, Jews. I have heard him talk about: 1) using nuclear power frivolously, 2) denying global warming, 3) building walls and expelling millions of illegal immigrants and breaking up families, without regard for their contributions to our economy and society and without any plan for helping with their reaching for citizenship, 4) making decisions about women's health issues without their input and punishing women who need abortions, 5) talking about law and order without any compassion for working on the causes of the disorder or helping to create a legal system that is fair, 6) saying he is the only one who can solve our countries problems, 7) "grabbing pussy," and 8) how many others. 

He majorly bad mouths Hillary and Obama and then with the next breath, when it serves him, extolls their virtues. Well which is it? I believe he has proven who he is and who he will be as POTUS!

I am frightened for myself and my country, and usually I am an optimistic positive person, as I watch TRUMP gaining support from Republicans trying to rebuild their party, with a Republican Congress, and the inevitability of TRUMP appointing Supreme Court Justices! The "checks and balances" of our government continue erode and to move in the direction of Hitler's Germany. 

I will post my rants here, since it is only followed by a few, and I consider it my space. How can one stop processing, wondering, and coping during times like this. Everyone needs to rant and rave, especially when they feel frightened and powerless to make change. This is where I do mine! There was a sound bite not that long ago regarding the AIDS epidemic: SILENCE = DEATH. I feel like the sound bite is back.


  1. I just feel so sad


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