Thursday, January 5, 2017

A New Month, A New Year, A New Adventure.

Today's weather as I write about my yesterday's arrival in San Pancho:

01/04/17. After six hours of sleep, my day began at 3:00 AM as I finished packing, had a banana for breakfast, checked out of LaQuinta Inn, Fort Worth, TX, and headed to Dallas International Airport. The ride took 40 minutes and on the usually packed expressways, I saw less than a dozen other cars.

The first leg of the flight was to Houston, more time loading and unloading and taxiing than in the air. Uneventful. The second leg got me to the Puerto Vallarta airport in a short nap and two hours. Uneventful.

Miles of walking in the secured area of the airport, quickly through Security, then another walk to customs and a line whose end was approximately two blocks and thousands of tourists away. The line moved fairly quickly however as the agents were quickly called back from break.

Besides answering a few questions, the procedure included pressing a button on the counter. If it randomly lit up green you were finished and free to enter Mexico. If it randomly lit up red, your luggage was opened and inspected for whatever. My light was green! Free to go!

Finally after rolling your luggage through two “halls” of currency exchange booths, refreshment stands, potential taxi agents, private car representatives with signs, hotel transportation, bus drivers, etc; all seeming to be shouting at you and working at convincing you to hire them; one walks out into the 88 degree, sunny every day Mexico … or at least freedom and minimally the airport parking lot.

After short wait, Lincoln, my guest house host, in his beige Ford Explorer announces, from the long line of three lanes of cars and other modes of transportation, honking and police whistles singing, as the conveyances slowly move through the airport arrivals area: “MICHAEL!”

I roll my suitcases between the traffic and he helps me get them into the car. The SUV itself is so high off the ground that as I hoist myself into the front seat, I think of my mom and dad in their later years, as well as all of older humanity, and feel old at 71! But I get my butt into the seat and since I do not have any problem with the seat belt buckling, I know I am still OK, still young!

The drive to to San Francisco, Nayaret, Mexico is approximately 40 minutes north of the airport. Old Town Puerto Vallarta and the beach, were I have spent many others visits to Mexico, is approximately 40 minutes to the south.

San Francisco, affectionately known by its nickname, San Pancho, a little fishing village is home to a few thousand people, some year round and some in season, a good mix of Mexican native, American, and international peoples.

The main street, Tercer Mundo (Third World,) which hosts colorfully painted buildings with sport shops, services, and living spaces; runs along both sides of the cobble stone street approximately a dozen blocks to the Malicon and the beach. Here and there a few businesses brave being off the main drag and onto the side streets.

Lincoln turns right onto Calle America Latina, past a massage studio, a “mom and pop” grocery store, a few restaurants, and several houses. He parks the car. We have arrived at Casita Cielo Azul, Little Blue Sky House.

The Coffee Shop entrance is to the left, the Casita entrance is to the right.

Just inside the gate, the coffee shop, has inside seating, a second floor, and outside seating. 

Through a locked black iron gate, just to the side of the coffee shop, we enter their property, whose foot print is at least 200 x 50 feet. Once past the coffee shop garden and through another gate, one enters the house’s court yard.

The garden vegetation is beautiful, lush and ample. The fact that you are just off the main street disappears into the tranquil, peaceful, “I a definitely in Mexico,” feeling you get. Palms gently sway in the breeze, birds of at least three different types, sing and squawk to each other, a rooster misreads dawn by crowing at 4:00 PM.

The court yard sports a covered BBQ area with grill, refrigerator, and counters. 

A large 50 foot long, 4/5 foot deep pool, lined with shades of blue mosaics reflected through the clean, pristine blue water is just ahead. Running along side of the pool is a 30 foot palapa covering a 20 foot table which comfortably seats 12 and in a pinch can accommodate up to 20. A fan under the palapa lazily scoops the air while silver colored foil piñatas twirl in time.

At the far back end of the courtyard sits the two story, tericotta orange, light salmon, and blood red painted main house.

At the ground level, just past the swimming pool, are two guest areas. On the one-step porch in front of each room are chairs, end tables, and lamps. Each area has a ceiling fan and wall light fixtures as well as art objects hanging on the wall. Hecho en Mexico, of course. The guest rooms are separated by a shared, fully stocked kitchen. With large windows, and a heavy wooden door, it can be an open area or closed.

My room: Angela!

Upstairs, at the top of a magical cantilevered stairway, Lincoln and Jill’s home is fronted by three arches, protected behind a black iron railing. It features an open air kitchen and dining room. Further back, closed doors and windows conceal two bedrooms and a bathroom. In one corner, a circular stairway leads up to the room where there is Jill’s herb garden and more seating areas.

So welcome to Mexico, welcome to the state of Nayarit, welcome to the city of San Francisco (San Pancho,) welcome to la Casita Cielo Azul, welcome to Jill and Lincoln’s. Hope you enjoy your stay here, with me, for three weeks as I document my adventure! Mañana!

Sending my love,

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Enjoy and relax! Looking at all the photos actually made me feel warmer. What a fabulous place Casita Cielo Azul seems to be. I look forward to hearing about (and seeing images of) your many adventures to come.

    Tenga tres maravillosas semanas!



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