Friday, January 6, 2017

PV THOUGHTS 2007: La Sabiduría (Wisdom)

I am currently staying at Casita Cielo Azul in San Pancho. My hosts are Jill and Lincoln Hampton who are friends and neighbors from Evanston.

Besides sharing my journey here with you, I have decided to repost (or post some for the first time) a number of my creative non-fiction writing pieces from Gregory and my visit to Puerto Vallarta, MX ten years ago, almost to the date. 

The memories of sharing Mexico with Gregory are strong and I miss him so, but this time around he will experience the adventure through my eyes and through my heart. Feliz Viaje Gregorio!

This painting was done by friend and owner of Casa de los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, MX. It now hangs in the guest room of our condo.

Hay una pintura en la pared de La Palapa, el apartamiento donde estamos viviendo en Casa de los Arcos. En la pintura hay una mujer muy vieja, con linias de edad en su cara y tambien linias de sabiduría. No es la sabiduría de estudios formales o de la escuela. Es la sabiduría de la vida. Es de ser campesina aprendiendo en el compo. Es de la familia. Es de hacer tacos por mano. Es de tristeza y alegria. De familia. De la experiencia.   De cosas y amigos llenos de amor. Es de cosas y enamorados perdidos. Es la sabiduría del corazon y de la alma. (Con gracias a Isabela par a su ayuda com mis pensamientos.)

There is a picture on the wall of the Palapa, the apartment where we are staying at Casa de Los Arcos. In the picture this is an old woman with lines of age on her face and also lines of wisdom. It is not the wisdom of formal studies or of schooling. It is the wisdom of life. Of being a country woman learning in the fields. Of making tacos by hand. Of family. Of sadness and happiness. Of things and friends full of love and of things and loved ones lost. It is the wisdom of the heart and soul.

(With thanks to Isabel, housekeeper at La Casa
for her help with my thoughts.)

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