Monday, January 16, 2017

Thursday Market

Thursday Market, in La Peñita, with Tiina and Vince. About 20 minutes from San Pancho.

One section, called the "Mexican Market" is filled with narrow aisle after narrow aisle of household goods, clothing, electronics, hardware, food, tube sox, CD/DVDs, tools, plastics, etc.

There were so many stalls, so may vendors, so much product, so many shoppers ... that one could feel claustrophobic if one was so inclined. To add to the adventure (challenge) the streets were rough cobble stone which made it even more difficult to navigate the crowds. 

Another other section of the Thursday Market was set up around the main square (Zocalo.) Booths where artists were selling the usual souvenirs as well as individual artisan made objects and jewelry were surrounded by shoppers bargaining for better prices. 

Here and there were stationed food vendors with a few tables and their chairs. We sampled Hibiscus wine of two types. One tasted like Port and the other like Mogen David Concord Grape! Our favorite food vendor featured nuts of all types including plain, seasoned, and sugar roasted; candy, and dried fruit.

Around the parameter of the square the permanent shops give you an idea of what life in La Peñita is like on days other than Thursday!


After a full day of sensory overload, we settled in at an open air (actually they all seem to be "open air,") corner restaurant at the edge of the square. For the three of us, Chips & Salsa, two plates of Pollo con Mole, one plate of Fish Tacos, a lemonade and a litter of purified water cost $240.00 Pesos MX or approximately $10.00 U.S.

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  1. *sigh* So vibrant. So alive. Await your stories! -Jan


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