Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Conversation with Faith

These are some supportive, gratifying comments from and a conversation with my dear Facebook friend Faith R. 

Faith was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's a number of years ago but she did not accept the diagnosis as a death sentence! She has been working hard at living the best life possible with her family, including her daughter and grand-daughter. I am honored that she has shared part of her life with me! 

Thank you Faith. I appreciate you! (I hope you don't mind my wanting to share with my BLOG friends a photograph of your BEAUTIFUL, kind face!!! I will remove it if you ask :-)

F: Well...I just watched it (Alzheimer's: A Love Story) on Amazon....and I am sending you big ((HUGS)), are just such a loving man....and you story is sooo loving. I wish there was something I could do make you grief easier bare. Thank you for making this film and sharing you story. ❤

M: Thank you so much Faith for you kind comments. I can feel the love you are sending. I am very proud of the documentary and the four kids who made it did a wonderful job. It has now been accepted to 70 film festivals and won 30+ awards! Never imagined this would happen. 

I have been using the documentary as a base for presentations in which I talk about Alzheimer's, Same-Sex Relationships, and most importantly ... LOVE! I am also working on my memoirs and hopefully one day I will send you an autographed copy 🙂 

Meanwhile, I miss my honey every day, we have conversations often, I continue to be grateful for having had him in my life and for the gifts he gave me, and my grief grows lighter each day. Take care. Fondly, Michael

F: I loved you table by the very inspiring me. I look forward you memoirs. You love him very palabable...and you grief. I cried whole time and just wanted hug you. If only we could all be so lucky as have such wonderful care you gave him....and what a wonderful care home.  

Some kids from NYC are wanting make a documentary re end of life Alz, they want feature me....they coming town SAME DAY you film showing DAI....I was stressing hoping not miss it as I had waited sooo long, but was glad be able see on Amazon. I think the guys go back Wed AM.  

I have been real struggle much of late. I progressing. I miss that we used talk. You have been such a light my life, give me faith people. I loved getting know Gregory a little bit. You have very powerful movie. You love him very beautiful. Thank you again share you life.

Sorry if I have no been much a friend like I used be....I have had a real hard time keep up. Somehow I sense you understand. Please don't ever think you not in my heart and mind though. You, more than anyone, have helped me see things from the caregiver perspective. Thank you all you patience me.❤

M: I do understand. I think of you often and picture you in happiness and strength. I do NOT spend my time thinking "Poor Faith!" You are fortunate and you are blessed!

I will try to drop a line now and then but meanwhile I have been posting more on with my regular writing and now and then things dealing with Gregory and Alzheimer's.

I have been writing about Trump but letting people find it at the BLOG rather than filling Facebook, if you know what I mean, being more controversial. Look forward to hearing more about your experiences with your documentary team. Maybe DAI will record the session. I'll let you know.

F: I will still try make session. It'd be nice see you say hi. I will check you blog....I never get emails from it telling me you posted. I will try stay in touch also. ❤

M: Do you know how to "bookmark" the bog? I could arrange for it to come directly to your e-mail if you share it with me.

F: I did bookmark it....or add my favorites. But that require me rember it there, and find and go check. What I need do....and should ahve done (but sometimes it take talk with someone for it click for me) is put a icon on my desk top go check it every day when I sitting down morning coffee or tea things read.

I mean, that only makes sense right? Somedays I feel like I must have been a really stupid person in life as these things occur me and I think why did I no always do it this way?! You are such a dear friend. ❤

M: ... BUT, they do occur, don't they 🙂 I'll add your e-mail to my automatic send for the blog. Let me know next time I post if you get it.

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